If you’re thinking of buying your own shop – whether it be a Toy Shop, a Book Store or a Gift Shop – it pays to seek legal advice from a solicitor who specialises in business transfers and who understands the ins and outs of the retail industry.

No qualifications are required to run your own toy, book or gift business but you will need good business judgement, a head for figures and a willingness to work long hours. In addition, you will need to do careful market research to ensure the business you’re interested in is valued at a fair price and is viable moving forwards.  There’s a lot to think about – and that’s before you even start to contemplate the legalities of transferring premises, assets, supplier contracts, licences and goodwill.

Whether you want to buy an independent business or are, perhaps, thinking of buying a franchise, you do need to be sure that you fully understand what is involved before you commit, or you could end up out of pocket and with your ambitions thwarted.

Truelegal: Solicitors acting for buyers of Toy Stores, Book Shops and Gift Shops in England & Wales

Not all solicitors are the same.  We specialise solely in business transfers and have many years of experience of acting for buyers of small and medium sized retail businesses across England and Wales.  Our expertise and experience in this area means that we can offer you great value, no-nonsense, practical advice that will help ensure you make the right choices from the outset.

We understand that owning your own shop or store is a huge personal undertaking – your finances and your reputation are at stake.  We will guide you through the process and help you structure a deal that ensures your business gets off to a flying start. What’s more, our knowledge and experience means that we can save you costs without compromising on the quality of our advice.

We also have a wealth of experience in advising e-commerce entrepreneurs should you be interested in buying an online business.

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