Specialist solicitors for buying a business

So, you’ve decided to buy a business. Congratulations – this is an exciting time! Whether you’ve only just started to search for businesses for sale or have got as far as making an offer, you’ll know (or will have been told) the next step is to appoint a solicitor.

It’s tempting to use someone you already know – perhaps the solicitor who you last engaged in drawing up your will. But just as you wouldn’t go to a personal injury solicitor to help you write your will, you shouldn’t use a general high street solicitor or non-specialist to buy your business.

Choosing professional advisors who specialise in business purchases, are familiar with your industry sector, and understand the ins and outs of your business, will keep you ahead of the game and save you time and money.

Niche law firm for business buyers

We’re specialist business sale and purchase solicitors who:

  • Act only for those buying and selling businesses in England and Wales, because it’s what we do best and enjoy doing most.
  • Have over 1500 business sales and purchases under our belt, giving us the knowledge, know-how and experience to complete your deal as smoothly and swiftly as possible.
  • Have extensive experience working for a wide variety of business types in many different sectors.
  • Have developed efficient systems and processes to make your business acquisition more cost-effective and less stressful.
  • Always quote a fixed fee so you don’t have to worry about the clock ticking and the costs spiralling.

Recommended by business buyers

Whatever business you’re looking to buy, and whether it’s a complex share purchase agreement or a straightforward purchase of business assets and goodwill, we can help.

“Thank you for guiding us through what could have been a very stressful experience.”  

Stella Mitchell, Surrey

Never bought a business before?

We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step – from registering with relevant industry regulators to asking the right questions of the seller and ensuring your position is adequately protected in the sale contract.

Experienced investor looking to add to your business portfolio?

We’ll help you get more bang for your buck by advising on the most tax-efficient legal structure to operate your business. We’ll also mitigate risk by negotiating appropriate warranties and other protective mechanisms in your contract, such as deferred payment or earn-out provisions and non-compete clauses.

As well as the transaction itself, we can also handle any related commercial property aspects, such as lease or freehold transfer, so you’ll have a single point of contact throughout your purchase.

What type of business are you buying?

Some of the business types we are familiar with are listed below:

Recommended by business brokers and transfer agents

We work with and are recommended by many transfer agents and business brokers across the UK, including Christies, Humberstones, EM&F, Charles Darrow and Stonesmiths.

They tell us they appreciate our approachable manner, commercial nous and our focus on finding workable solutions rather than creating unnecessary legal hurdles.

If you’re still looking for the right business to buy, let us know – it’s likely we can put you in touch with a broker who can help you find the perfect company.

Make a free enquiry

The sooner you involve us in the process of buying or selling your business, the more likely it is to run smoothly and be successful, so please contact us today.

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