Most law firms like to say that they’re different but, in reality, they’re not: they have similar offices, similar standards of client service, similar policies and procedures and similar ways of managing their people.

Choose a specialist business solicitor who understands your business

At Truelegal, we recognise that if we really want to distinguish ourselves from the competition, we have to create a way of doing legal business that responds to the changing needs of our clients, rather than what is normal in the industry.

We do :

  • work nationally, although predominantly in the London, the South East, Midlands and South West of England
  • work remotely: we use today’s online and remote working technologies to correspond and communicate with our clients and each other by telephone and email, ensuring that quality advice can be given from anywhere
  • have only a small and very practical management team, and we outsource non-legal services where possible
  • use only senior solicitors with at least 5 years commercial legal expertise
  • measure the performance of our solicitors by the value they add to the client’s business

But we don’t:

  • have expensive, smart offices
  • use unqualified paralegals or inexperienced solicitors to complete client work
  • employ a whole raft of practice management, marketing and administrative staff in our business
  • measure the performance of our solicitors exclusively by the profit they generate

Which means you benefit from:

  • direct access to no-nonsense, practical advice from specialist senior solicitors – why put up with an initial meeting with a partner and then be fobbed off with a junior or trainee?
  • a flexible and responsive personal working relationship – a single point of contact
  • competitive charging as a result of our reduced overheads – you won’t be paying for fresh flowers, expensive biscuits or city centre rent
  • our lawyers visiting your office, studio, factory or business – when we feel face-to-face contact is key.

Truelegal’s innovative approach and willingness to change does not come at the expense of our values and principles. Our aim is simple: to leave our clients better off than when we first met them. For us, a job is successfully completed when our client’s position has improved as a result of our input, not when we have sent out the bill and closed the file.

Key to this is the need to provide a consistently high quality service and build a close business rapport with each of our clients. That means we prefer to foster a limited number of more personal client relationships, so that we can develop a closer and more synergistic working relationship. We make sure that we take the time to really listen and understand your objectives before advising on a solution. Our clients come to regard us as their “in-house” lawyer – which is not something a client wants from a divorce or conveyancing solicitor, but should from a commercial one.

Whilst sound financial management is important – and we expect to receive fair value for our services, as would any other business – it is not what drives our performance. We believe it is how we treat the people around us, our clients, our potential clients and ourselves that sets us apart from other law firms.

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