If your glass seems half empty more often than it seems half full then it could be time to sell your bar or pub.  Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, looking to retire, or have realised that you’d rather be spending more time with the family than staying up after last orders to clean the bar and kitchen ready for another day of routine.  Or maybe you’d just like to renegotiate the terms of your lease to an MRO arrangement?

How do you get the best value and price for your pub business and how easy is it to get a “clean exit” with a smooth handover and no hassle after you sell? Is it better to sell shares in a limited company or for the business to sell the business goodwill?  Do you have  a PubCo whose consent you need to the transfer the lease and business?

Truelegal has acted for sellers of many pubs and bars across England and Wales and can help with all aspects of your sale.

Selling a Pub or Bar Solicitors

We handle everything from the sale of freehold/leasehold free of tie pubs to negotiating PubCo leases with corporate landlords such as Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns.  We are known and recommended by several licensed premises specialist agents and know our way around the Punch and Enterprise documentation and process.

We know our “ties” from our “free of”, our “wet” from our “dry”, and a “DPS” from “Premises Licence”.  We also know where the PubCos try to get secret value from a business transfer and recognise the peculiar planning conditions attached to some pubs and how this impacts on use and rentability. And, following the introduction of the Pubs Code 2016, we are increasingly helping publicans negotiate an MRO arrangement with their pubcos.

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