Where to find a buyer for your Café or Coffee Shop

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Decided it’s time to sell up your café or coffee shop business? Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, looking to retire, or have realised that you’d rather be spending more time with the family than working late to clean up and prepare for another day of routine.

Whatever the reason, the next step is to find a suitable buyer who won’t waste your time.

Potential buyers of cafés and coffee shops fall into 3 main categories:

1.  The first-time buyer – someone looking for a career and lifestyle change.

2. The entrepreneurial café or coffee shop owner looking to add one or two more complementary premises to his or her existing café or coffee shop. This could be a competitor.

3. One or more of your employees looking to buy into part or all of the business.  Or perhaps an existing minority shareholder or partner wanting to buy you out.

If networking is not your thing, or the sale is highly confidential, then it pays to engage the services of a reputable business broker or business transfer agent.  Their sales commission is usually easily justified by finding a buyer for your café or coffee shop efficiently and at a good price. If you’d like us to put you in touch with a business broker who specialises in the hospitality sector, contact us.

Once you’ve found a potential buyer, do spend some time understanding what is involved in the legal process of selling a café or coffee shop. Above all, make sure you find a solicitor who has experience of small business sales or, best of all, a firm like ours with specific café selling experience – your local high street solicitor won’t have the necessary knowledge or know-how for this type of work.

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