Want to sell a freehold pub or a pub lease in London?  As solicitors who specialise in advising those selling a freehold or leasehold pub, we’re guessing that you probably have a few questions:

  • Is it a good time to sell a pub in London?
  • How do you get the best price for your pub in London?
  • What’s involved in selling a freehold pub or a pub lease in London?
  • Which is the best solicitor to sell a pub in London? And (of course)…
  • What are solicitors’ fees for selling a pub?

Advice on selling a pub in London

Potential buyers of pubs in London fall into four main categories:

  1. The private equity pub consolidator
  2. The entrepreneurial pub owner looking to add one or two more complementary premises to his or her existing pub
  3. An employed bar or pub manager looking to buy his or her first pub
  4. One or more of your employees looking to buy into part or all of the business – or perhaps an existing minority shareholder or partner wanting to buy you out.

If you’ve not yet found a buyer and networking is not your thing, find a reputable business broker or business transfer agent: their sales commission is usually easily justified by finding a buyer for your pub efficiently and at a good price. We work alongside a number of good transfer agents who specialise in licensed premises and are happy to give you a recommendation if you need one.

Get the best deal: use specialist pub sale solicitors

Once you’ve found a potential buyer, you’ll need help with the legal process of selling your pub. Our familiarity with the specific requirements and challenges of the pub industry –  including the ramifications of the new Pubs Code 2016 for pubco tenants – means we can give you no-nonsense, practical advice and guidance that will help your transaction run smoothly, minimise your risk exposure and save you time and money.

We act for sellers and buyers of pubs across England and Wales, including pub sales in London. We handle everything from freehold/leasehold free of tie pub sales, to the negotiation of pubco leases with corporate landlords such as Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns.

Solicitors’ fees for selling a pub in London

Truelegal solicitors is based in Topsham, Devon, but around 69% of our clients are based in London, the South East and the North of England. Most of our work is done remotely via telephone and email and our lower overheads mean we can offer our clients a London service at a regional price. What’s more, we always offer our clients a fixed price fee, which means you have certainty about your budget from the outset.

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